About me

A geographer by training, my understanding of soil, geomorphology, and climate, important factors in winemaking, was kindled at an early age. On a field trip to Germany, a wineloving lecturer introduced me to the pleasures of Mosel Rieslings. For my first employer I organized a wine and culture trip to the Touraine, but it was my move to Basel, on the doorstep of Baden, Alsace and the diverse Swiss wine regions that really stirred up my interest for wine.
Since my studies at the Austrian Weinakademie, wine is my profession. Apart from writing for several European publications, I organize wine trips and moderate wine tastings.

Wherever I go, whether it is the Vienna or the Black Forest, the Südtiroler mountains or the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, I bring my hiking boots, both to keep in shape and to ponder over new writing ideas.

An avid amateur flautist, I am very honoured to be writing the English program notes for the Sinfonieorchester Basel for the seventh season running. And when even music can’t distract me from matters of ampelography, canopy management or oxidative ageing, the stove is patiently waiting for me. My Indian cookbooks always have a new recipe to try out. And they are much easier to pair with wine than you’d think.

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