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Meet Patricia Kozmann. Working with her is as she looks: positive, happy, smiley and, true to style, always elegant. She is my colleague travel expert for Italy.

Although born to Hungarian parents in São Paulo, she has always been in love with Italy. She started visiting the peninsula at the tender age of twenty-one and never stopped doing so until she said to herself, “it is now or never”, after which she packed her bags and moved to Verona. Kozmann: “I love the food, the wine, the people, the language, but most of all I like the beauty. On the one hand you have Milan, a modern, buzzing city full of cutting-edge design and fashion, on the other there are many places where it feels as if things have stopped in time.”

Lago di Garda

Why Verona? With its Roman theatre and location on the Adige river, it is undeniably pretty. Being more or less equidistant to Venice and Milan, Verona is also a practical base for picking up clients at the airport and taking them to one of Italy’s foremost attractions.
With a background in Wine Marketing, the choice for Verona was easy. The city is the epicenter of Italian wine, not only because it is the heart of the Valpolicella region, but also because the Vinitaly expo is held here annually.
Needless to say Patricia loves her wine and knows where to guide you when you are planning a wine trip to Italy. I speak from experience because she was my tour guide when my friends and I visited the region some years ago. Not only did we visit the large international wine houses, but also newcomers on the market and a forerunner in the field of natural wines. We all left with the satisfactory feeling of having grasped the area in a thorough but relaxed way. Besides wine, there was enough time for excellent lunches and dinners and along the way we did some sightseeing too.

Italian cheese at a restaurant in Barbaresco

Having lived in Italy now for almost ten years, Patricia has become a bit of an institution when it comes to individualized, exclusive travel. No matter what your taste or budget is, Patricia customizes your travel in such a way that your trip becomes an experience and just another holiday turns into a treasured memory. Artisan shops, tailors, restaurants, vintners and wine bars, authentic villages, truffle hunters, Kozmann knows it all.
If you think you can do it all by yourself, think twice. Spending a little bit of money on her advice, brings you to places you wouldn’t have found otherwise.


Patricia’s bubbly personality shines through in her travel plans and guarantees a fun trip when you choose to hire her as your guide. She loves (to pamper) her clients and her clients love her. If renowned publications such as Forbes and Luxury Travel Magazine single her out for her excellent service, she must be doing something right.

Patricia Kozmann – travel expert Italy
T: +39 34 6367 1170


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