About me

I am a freelance food and wine writer, currently based in Vienna. Occasionally I write about other subjects, mostly travel and culture related.
A geographer by education, I have come to realise, while studying at the Weinakademie (wine academy) in Austria, that wine is all about geography. Soil, climate, geomorphology, bedrock, all play an important roles in defining the character of wine. I take special interest, but not exclusively, in natural wines.
My articles have been published in Metropole (Austria), Aperitif (Norway), Pipette (global) and other periodicals. I also write for companies (e.g. wine shops) and institutions (e.g. Sinfonieorchester Basel).
As a spin-off of my writing activities I organize food and wine trips for groups of up to appr. 12 persons. I have particular experience in Austria, Alsace, Baden (Germany), Portugal and The Netherlands.

This website consists of two parts, a selection of my publications and my “playground”, mostly restaurant reviews.

I am open for new commissions. If you like my writing, feel free to contact me.